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Industry News

Athearn announces the third release of 40-foot Z-vans

November 28, 2014

New N Scale Model by Wiking

November 7, 2014

Markus Schiavo has provided information for Wiking’s December 2014 model upgrades. Two N scale models are listed. The Krone Emsland Ag Trailer (095640) will now be available as a separate item, but a green version of the wagon has been available with the Fendt Favorit farm tractor for a number of years. The HR 18 mini excavator (094606) is based on a Schaeff (now Terex) prototype, and it has previously been released in multiple color schemes. More information is available from Wiking.

Athearn announces the third release of 28-foot pup trailer 2-pack with dolly

October 24, 2014

The Yellow, Preston and PIE schemes are all new, while the CF, Overnite and Roadway schemes have been included in earlier releases. Note: The initial (2006) release of the trailers in 2-packs did include Yellow trailers, but those trailers were in an “older” paint scheme and won the Second Annual Enhanced N Scale Vehicle of the Year Award.

Classic Metal Works announces winter 2014-2015 N scale releases

September 16, 2014

Bill and Joe Giacci of Classic Metal Works have offered us an iHobby pre-show insiders’ first look at the 10 new paint schemes on five different CMW models that will be released from October 2014 through early 2015. The artwork shown above is from the Classic Metal Works’ Mini Metals Model Collection Winter 2014-2015.

Pi.R.R.A.T.A. Models of Italy is releasing an N scale Fiat Fiorino

August 29, 2014

Markus Schaivo sent us this link to the photo of the new Pi.R.R.A.T.A. Models N scale Fiat Fiorino on the 1zu160 News site. The model represents a third generation Fiorino, configured as a commercial van, which went on sale in early 2008. Markus also provided this link to the Pi.R.R.A.T.A. web site to view all of the N scale vehicle models they offer.

Herpa announces 2-packs of MINIs and Mercedes-Benz B Class

August 12, 2014

Another release of the popular MINI 2-pack was announced by Herpa. This release features one MINI in Lightning Blue, and the other MINI in British Racing Green. Also announced was a 2-pack of Mercedes-Benz B Class Compact Sports Tourers. Both Mercedes come in a “Follow Me” yellow and black checkered paint scheme. Photos courtesy of Herpa.

National Train Show News

July 28, 2014

Dave Ferrari sent us these photos of the new Trainworx tank trailer and the new Bachmann 35-foot intermodal trailer on flat car that were on display at the National Train Show. There has been no official announcement on a release date for the Trainworx tank trailer but the Bachmann TOFC models are said to be shipping now!

DeLuxe Innovations N Scale Reachstacker Update

July 14, 2014

Prototype photo shown for illustration purposes

Last month Dave Ferrari announced the initial paint schemes for the new DeLuxe Innovations Reachstacker (see earlier posting below). This month Dave announced the Terex and some railroad logo versions, and according to Dave, this new item is a must have for intermodal modelers. The Reachstacker is designed to lift loaded containers into and out of the wells of double-stack cars and onto container chassis. A Reachstacker can stack containers up to five or even six high. The DeLuxe Innovations’ model is based on the PPM Super Stacker prototype which later became part of the Terex line. The design includes a die-cast undercarriage with plastic body and arm, etched metal and plastic details and clear windows. The die-cast undercarriage provides enough weight so the model can hold a container with the arm extended without tipping. All wheels roll and the rear wheels are steerable. The arm can be repositioned, including raising and lowering, as well as extending from the nested arm segments, and a rotating grabber at the end to lift containers from 20' to 53' long. The grabber will hold both ISO standard width and wider domestic containers. All models will be decorated and assembled, no kit is being offered. Both batches referenced (June and July announcements) will be released together in the first run. The target MSRP is $79.95.  See DeLuxe Innovations’ July Announcements for more information.

Report from Roanoke

June 28, 2014

Dave Ferrari brought two Route 160 concept modules to the National N Scale Convention in Roanoke, Virginia. The module shown above found a “temporary residence” on the N Scale Vehicle Association’s table during the Swap-A-Rama and public show. The other module was on display at the DeLuxe Innovations’ table. More information on Route 160 modules will be available once the specifications are finalized. Incidentally, the tracks are optional on Route 160 modules, but in this particular example, the module can be turned around and used in a T-Trak layout.

Peter Harris of N Scale Kits surprised the attendees at the convention with another highway/ intermodal auto carrier. This one was designed for use with the Flexi-Van flatcars, and dates back to the 1960s.

While this was the only new N scale vehicle model announced at the convention, I can say that several more vehicle models are under development, I just can’t tell you what they are, or which companies are working on them.

If all goes well, we should have more information on these models before next year’s convention in Sacramento, California.

N Scale Reachstacker Officially Announced

June 9, 2014

Computer rendering of engineering drawing shown

Dave Ferrari of Deluxe Innovations has this to say about the new N scale container Reachstacker:
This new item is a must have for intermodal modelers. The Reachstacker is designed to lift loaded containers into the wells of double-stack cars. It can stack containers as much as six high, double the capability of the Piggy-Packer. Our model is based on the PPM Super Stacker prototype which later became part of the Terex line. Our design includes a die-cast undercarriage with plastic body and arm, etched metal and plastic details and clear windows. The die-cast undercarriage provides enough weight so the model can hold a container with the arm extended without tipping. All wheels roll and the rear wheels are steerable. The arm is pose able, movements include raising and lowering, extending from the nested arm segments and a rotating grabber at the end to lift containers from 20' to 53' long. There are tabs on each end that will grab just about every N scale container made and hold it aloft. (We couldn't test everyone on earth!) All models will be decorated and assembled, no kit is being offered. The first run is being announced in two batches. This first batch includes generic color schemes and manufacturer logos; we will announce the second part of the run with railroad names and logos next month. Two-color models usually have a colored body with black arm and grabber. Both batches will be released together. The target MSRP is $79.95, railroad logo versions may be higher.

More information on reservation deadlines and part numbers can be found on Deluxe Innovations’ announcement page.

Lemke VW 1600 (Type 3) Update

May 28, 2014

Markus Schiavo sent us this pre-production photo of Lemke’s Volkswagen 1600 (Type 3) that depicts the three body styles that will be available. The prototype sedan and station wagon body styles (aka “Notchback and Squareback”) were introduced in Europe in 1961. The Type 3 was not officially imported into North America until the 1966 model year, and then only the station wagon and fastback (which made its debut in August of 1965) were available from Volkswagen of America. The Type 3 received a face lift in 1970; however, we will need to examine the actual models to determine if the N scale version best represents the 1970 through 1973 model years, or the pre-1970 cars. Click here to see the colors that have been announced for the initial release.

New N Scale Model by Wiking

March 20, 2014

Markus Schiavo has provided a link for Wiking’s April 2014 model upgrades. The only N scale model listed is a Volkswagen T5 service van lettered for Claas. Claas farm equipment can be found in rural North America, but finding a VW T5 could be difficult since the prototype was not marketed in the U.S. or Canada. The photo of the model is from Wiking.

News from Europe

March 5, 2014

January and February are generally the months when the European manufacturers announce their new products, and while the “News from Nuremberg” this year may not have generated much in the way of new tooling announcements, there were other announcements of interest that were brought to our attention once again by Markus Schiavo.

Aktions Haus MZZ has a number of new models available for 2014 in both kit and ready to use form. While the models are based on European prototypes, some certainly could be adapted to a North American theme layout.

Brekina is offering motorized N scale “rail vehicles” based Volkswagen T1 minibuses. There is even one a bit smaller than the VW that could possibly turned into a Fairmont style speeder. The mechanism could also be a great starting point for kitbashing North American prototype hi-rail equipment.

Busch has their new models for 2014 available as a downloadable pdf file. On page 40 of the catalog you will find the new 1:160 and 1:148 scale models. The new 1:160 scale models include a Mercedes-Benz M Class SUV with a blue outboard boat on a tandem axle trailer, and a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter lettered for German Rescue with a red outboard boat on a tandem axle trailer. The 1:148 scale models are part of the Oxford Diecast line.

DM-Toys has a Scania tractor with a 5-axle low bed trailer with wood beam load.

Herpa continues to offer new paint schemes on their existing models. However, if you search for 1:160 you get a little more than just the N scale models.

Lemke MiNis continues to include the three versions of the 1960s vintage Volkswagen 1600 Type 3 in their new model catalog. No preproduction photos of the VWs have been released as yet; however, preproduction photos have been posted for a MAN F90 semi-tractor with both single and tandem rear axles as well as a Citroën Hy van.

Michorius Modelbau has an N scale Trabant 601 available that looks a lot like an English Ford from the late 1950s.

Markus also sent these photos (courtesy of DM-Toys) that compare the Herpa 1:160 scale Scania semi-tractor in green with two new Oxford 1:148 scale Scania semi-tractors.

That’s all for now, but Markus is continually updating us with news from Europe on the N Scale Vehicle Association’s Yahoo Group.

Report from the Amherst Railway Society Railroad Hobby Show in West Springfield, Massachusetts

January 30, 2014

Dan Leavitt had many of his N scale vehicle models on display while promoting the N Scale Vehicle Association at the DeLuxe Innovations booth. A special thank goes out to Dave Ferrari for donating the space for the display and to Dan for displaying his models and sending us his report from the show:

“Hi everyone,

The Big Railroad Hobby Show in Springfield, Massachusetts is one of the largest train shows in the world. This train show is held at the end of January, occupying four of the largest buildings in the state fair grounds. With several acres of train show space, to say this is an event would be an understatement.

We were there! Dave from Deluxe Innovations was kind enough to lend The N Scale Vehicle Association a table, and we used the opportunity to showcase some custom models.

I spoke with over 100 N scale modelers interested in vehicles. Though each had a different story and modeling preference, several similar themes popped up.

1.  I can't get this! Many modelers were willing to build models, but just could not find the right kit. One fellow was desperately looking for a knuckle boom for his limber truck.  Thanks to Showcase, I was able to direct him to their website, and he left very excited knowing that this product was on the market.

Others were not as fortunate. Many people have spent months trying to track down an old, out of production vehicle kit. Look at all the GHQ, Showcase and Lineside kits that were once plentiful, but now are incredibly difficult to locate. Even comparatively high volume models from Athearn and Atlas are hard to find. When was the last time you came across an Athearn John Deere tractor, or an Atlas Ford Explorer? I wish I had an easy solution.

2.  Lots of people are asking for the same things. About a dozen people asked me about modern buses. Another handful asked about vehicles from the 1930's. Many people were looking for construction equipment that could be used as flat car loads, a recent topic of interest over on the Railwire forum.

In between conversations, I was able to sneak out and check out the many layouts, venders and manufacturers. The NTRAK modules were good as always. There were several bargains to find such as C in C Chevy kits for $4 each. I was even able to track down some vintage ribbed trailers to compliment my collection.”

Dan Leavitt

If you are interested in displaying your N scale vehicle models at a show like Dan did in Springfield, please send an email to info@nscalevehicles.org for more information.

New N Scale Model by Wiking

January 10, 2014

Markus Schiavo sent the link for Wiking’s February 2014 model upgrades that include a Mercedes-Benz NG (New Generation) Series refrigerated box van. Mercedes introduced the medium duty NG trucks in 1975, and many were sold in North America. I remember an upscale furniture store using a Mercedes NG for their delivery truck well into the late 1990s. The photo of 0942 06 (with the Seefische logo) in this release is from Wiking.

More paint schemes for trailers from Trainworx

January 6, 2014

Pat Sanders of Trainworx has announced eight new Great Northern and Northern Pacific paint schemes for his 40-foot corrugated and hi-cube trailers. Pre-orders are due by the end of February with delivery scheduled for this summer. Click here for the pdf version of the poster shown above.

Contact: info@nscalevehicles.org

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