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Proto Photo File
GHQ Crawler with Logging Arch

1 - This Caterpillar crawler No. 33 with logging arch can be found on the abandoned right-of-way of the Pacific & Idaho Northern Railroad next to the historic depot in New Meadows, Idaho.

2 - Cat No. 33 is missing its seat cushions, but aside from the Christmas lights, the machine bears a strong resemblance to the crawler in GHQ’s kit no. 53019.

3 - The Hyster logging arch behind Cat No. 33 has some similarities to the GHQ model. However, this prototype appears to be heftier in comparison to the one found in the GHQ kit.

4 - The “pan” behind the arch does not appear in any photos I found of working logging arches. Proper operation of the arch should keep the log from “plowing” a furrow even without the pan.

5 - This side view of No. 33 shows the Hyster cable winch and control levers, which are very similar to the ones found on the GHQ model.

6 - This view of No. 33 shows the spacious operator’s platform.

7 - This view of the logging arch shows the cable and chains used to lift the end of the logs.

8 - This side of the logging arch provides another view of the cable and chains.

9 - This final view of No. 33 with the logging arch is looking north on the abandoned Pacific & Idaho Northern Railroad right-of-way at the location the tracks once crossed U.S. Highway 95.

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